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Referral Program

A Gift for Spreading the Love

The Winner

We want to thank our networking partners and cheerleaders out there that take the time so share our site or social media with others. Now it's time to cash in on your hard work. Anytime you send a referral our way, and the client books and takes the trip, you will receive a vacation voucher of your own. 

Most vouchers are good to use for 12-24 months. A redemption fee is required and you are responsible for the taxes and surcharges of the trip. Trips ranch from 4-7days options will be provided once the referral has taken the trip to avoid cancellation complications. 

So send those referrals our way, and when they book, everyone wins!

Referral Program Breakdown

You Fill Out the Form

Enter the person you are referring.

Once we receive the form, we will log you with the customers profile. Once we start the consultation, quoting, and booking process, we will let you know once the book it, or make a deposit to their package

Time to go

Once the person you refers goes on the trip

You will receive an automated email informing you that your referral has paid off, and to allow a few days to receive an email to claim your voucher. You will be responsible for the redemption fee, taxes and surcharges. 


What happens if the trip is cancelled

If your client changes their mind, or cancels the trip for any reason, you will not receive the vacation voucher. An email will go out to you, so you are not looking for the voucher to come. You can always plan your own trip and claim a reward for yourself :)

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