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An Entrepreneur for over 20yrs. 


This is always the hard part. Telling your story. My name is Latisha and I am the L in SLM Bookings. As a woman in business, we are usually apart of Conferences, Symposiums, Workshops, Empowerment Events and more. So travel is second nature to me, but to really enjoy where you visit, I mean really enjoy it, you need more time, research, and a plan. 


The best part of becoming an agent is creating romantic get-aways, family experiences, and long-lasting memories; all while allowing you to be in the moment without the hassle of what's next.

Let us take care of the how to's, and just enjoy the view. Creating a world of travel possibilities is our job, living in it is YOURS!

Latisha McDougal, the driving force behind SLM Bookings, brings a wealth of passion and expertise to the travel industry. As a true trailblazer, she not only orchestrates incredible journeys but also takes on the role of mentor, nurturing and training other agents to excel as top-rated customer advocates. Her profound dedication to clients radiates through every interaction, transforming travel dreams into reality.

At SLM Bookings, travel isn't just a service; it's an art form. With personalized touches, unparalleled attention to detail, and competitive pricing, the agency redefines the travel experience, creating a legacy of cherished memories and unforgettable moments.


Expert Travel Knowledge


Tailor-Made Holidays


Global Reach


100%  Money Protected

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