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Asia / Pacific

The Asia/Pacific region mainly includes East, South, Southeast Asia and Oceania which includes the continent of Australia. With a vast variety of cultures and landscapes, every specific region has something unique to offer. 

Asian Landscape


Consisting of more than 7,000 islands, the Caribbean is home to countless tropical getaways. Travelers can relax and unwind in the powder blue waters of the Caribbean Sea or the North Atlantic Ocean. Whatever island you may choose, expect nothing less than an oasis of sun, sand and serenity.

Image by Adam Gonzales
South America


Located just south of Mexico is Central America and our neighboring southern continent, South America. With seven countries in Central America and twelve in South America, this region offers a wide variety of culture and history. This region is also home to the world’s biggest rainforest and largest river and many other breathtaking natural attractions.

Hike in the Forest


Europe is comprised of over 44 countries and other territories. Known for its rich cultural heritage, diversity and variety of cuisines, Europe makes for a perfect getaway with both authenticity and modern luxuries.

Bikes at Amsterdam Canal

The Hawaiian Islands are home to an abundance of tropical plants, wildlife, and serene beaches and are known for their breathtaking views of mountains and volcanoes. The diverse culture of Hawaii is captured through the unique language, traditional cuisines and tropical music. 

Hotel Resort at Sunrise

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